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Submission Guidelines

Add Url - Basic and Preium Submission Guidelines

Basic Submission is always FREE.
FREE Submission is allowed 7 days per week.
Submission is simple. Just follow the steps below

1. URL: full and complete URL including the www. We can not accept domains with capital letters. Do not add the trailing slash ( / ) Example: http://www.hostdrive.com

2. Title: List only the Business, Service or Web Site title.
Free submissions that do not have the correct business, service, or web site title may be rejected.
Proper case. Free submissions without proper case will be rejected.

3. Description: Briefly describe your business, service or web site.
Do not include:
Promotional hype
Phone numbers
Any form punctuation or special markings other then a period or comma.
Do not end your description with (and more), (etc), (…) or any form of continuation.
Never repeat the title in the description. Make sure to use Proper case!!!4. Keywords: Please list only relevant keywords about your website. You may list from 20 to 200 characters.

5. Email address for notification: This feature is new and completely optional. If you enter your email address here you will be notified when your submission has been accepted, as well as notified of the location and category your submission was listed under. Do keep in mind that we do reserve the right to notify you from time to time if you list your email, however we will not notify you if you would not like us to. Finally we will not give out your email address. Your email address is confidential and used only for notification services.

6. Image Verification: We have had to resort to using image verification for our FREE Submissions to cut down on the large number of spam or automated submissions. In our effort to insure the KingBloom Directory has only the most relevant listings, we ask that you simply enter the characters in the image verification field in order to add your submissions.
Alternatively you may use mass submission scripts by contacting us here to purchase mass submissions in blocks of 100 or more.

Failure to follow our submission guidelines may get your free submission rejected.

We will not accept these types of submissions:

*Sites Advocating Violence or Hate.
*We do not accept websites using pay per click services as primary content.
*Submissions with more than one popup or load behind per page.
*Actual or fraternal mirrors of other sites.
*Unique websites offering the same business or service.
*Terrorist Related Sites
*Sub domains that can be readily and easily reached from a main page.
*Sites that promote directly or indirectly illegal activity of any kind.
*Sites considered of poor quality by the reviewing editor.
*Redirected sites. Sites that redirect to a URL not within the submitted domain.
*Submissions with titles and or descriptions not in English.
*Sites not using proper case.

If you have submission questions email search@kingbloom.com

*We reserve the right to refuse submission for any reason we deem as necessary.

*Currently there is no limit on the number of daily submissions. Abuse will get all submissions refused and your IP blocked. Automated submissions of any kind are strictly forbid.

*By Submitting to the KingBloom Directory you agree to all of our submission guidelines.

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